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Why we wear Aprons

‘Real’ or Operative Masons who built the great Churches and Cathedrals in the past wore lambskin aprons to protect themselves when working with stone. The Speculative Freemasons of today having developed from the Operatives, continue to wear Aprons in their Lodges as a legacy from the past. 



Freemasons Aprons today are a means of identifying an individuals rank or status. 

There are three stages to becoming a fully qualified Freemason.

  • FIRST. The Entered Apprentice's Apron : worn by someone when he first joins Freemasonry. That is the First Degree. 

  • SECOND :The Fellowcrafts Apron : worn by a Brother who has completed the Second Degree.

  • THIRD : The Master Masons Apron worn by the Brother who has completed all Three Degrees (or stages of his advancement)

After a few years, and if he wants to, the Master Mason can gain promotion through the various Offices and in due time become the Worshipful Master of the Lodge and he will wear this apron