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Ferrum Lodge 1848

ferrum banFreemasonry is believed to have existed in the Teesside area since the mid 1750's with lodges being founded over the next 100 years in Stockton, Hartlepool, West Hartlepool, Stokesley and Guisborough.
Middlesbrough didn't form a lodge until 14 December 1852 when the North York Lodge 876, now 602, was lawfully constituted, meeting in an upper room in the Station Hotel, Cleveland Terrace and initiating 14 candidates in its first year.
The founding of North York Lodge was a pivotal moment in Middlesbrough's history and that of its Freemasons as included in its membership were a large proportion of the leading industrialists, civic magnates, professional and sporting men of the time.
The Lodge prospered and built up a large membership which included Woolwich born 33 years old Andrew Farmer, a Coal Agent who became their seventeenth Worshipful Master in 1868-9.
Ten years later in August 1879 Bro Farmer, following consultation with other brethren, cautiously proposed to establish a new lodge in the town to be known as Ferrum Lodge. This was unanimously agreed to by the 18 brethren present, the North York Lodge thus proudly becoming our 'Mother Lodge'.
The Ferrum name was an obvious topical reference to the town's major industry of iron and steel, an industry which had grown from quiet rumble to thundering approval bringing prosperity to its inhabitants and the Ironmasters through the immense and dangerously hard work of the employees.
Perhaps the choice of name was intentional linking it to the town's stability and reputation as a tangible important industrial heartland, identifying its potential, quality and status.
Ferrum Lodge was consecrated in a ceremony in the presence of a reported 85 brethren at Marton Road Masonic Hall at 12 noon precisely on Wednesday 21 January 1880. Bro Farmer was installed into the chair of King Solomon by RW the PGM Earl of Zetland after which dinner was served at "The Queen Hotel", later known as "The Grand" and now "Last Orders".
The Ferrum crest depicts a blacksmith, possibly a reference to Tubalcain, at his anvil working a piece of iron. Thus there is a visual conjoining of the lodge name with the strength of iron and the locality.
The Lodge banner similar in detail has the added connection of Roseberry Topping in the background confirming association between the two.
Ferrum Lodge has vigorously prospered, stood firm and grown throughout the years with its fraternal reputation for philanthropy, privacy and skilled lodge performance being known throughout the Province. Indeed through its growth it in turn gave birth in 1924 to the Captain Cook Lodge 4636, Stokesley.
Membership has remained continuous and regular and in this its 133rd year, stands at 50 with the assured knowledge that potential candidates are eager to join this modern, sociable and flourishing forward thinking organisation. Over 275 men from all ranks and walks of life have trodden the Ferrum path and whilst enjoying the fun and friendship continue to do so on equal terms
We meet on the second Wednesday of each month September to May.

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